Hello. I retired from the military in 2012. Being a barber has always appealed to me. I wanted a job that had relatively normal hours and had me home every night. I was in barber school at night my last year in the Army, so I practiced cutting all the guys’ hair in my unit. I was doing 20-30 haircuts a day. I must have cut a thousand haircuts before I ever got my license to cut hair in a barber shop. No one was complaining. They were all getting free haircuts!

I like talking to people and working with my hands. Barbering is all artwork. There’s no paperwork. It’s simply talking to a customer and figuring out what he wants when he doesn’t really know how to tell you. I get a lot of satisfaction when I see someone look in the mirror and smile because they’re happy with their haircut.

Asheville is crate trained and has mastered "sit," and giving lots of love to anyone he meets. She is gentle on the leash and loves treats. Asheville also has the cutest little heart-shaped nose!


Asheville, North Carolina, United States of America

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